Breaking Inner Barriers is working toward offering free spiritual care support. Our sponsors, the sale of books and future books, and other services we offer are all avenues to support this website so that the care we offer is available at no cost.


We gladly accept donations in the form of time, money, additional services or other relevant products in order to help others break inner barriers.


If you have a product that you would like to donate to support this cause, please email us with your offers or suggestions.

If you would like to sponsor this project financially you can go to the Gofundme account here or click the image below and go to the search bar and type, "Breaking Inner Barriers" and donate.

You can also sponsor on a monthly basis at Patreon.com


As a sponsor you have the option to be recognized on our thank you page, or you can provide a logo of your business so that we can post it on our thank you page. We can also provide a link to your organization as a courtesy. We will consider placing sponsor ads in various locations throughout the website.

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