Chapter 5-10

Chapter 5: 

Laughter Is a Good Medicine - laughter relieves tension. It promotes healing for the body and puts you in a state of mind that helps you to enjoy life. If you can't find something to laugh at daily, this chapter might reveal why you can't.

Chapter 6: 

One of The Most Damaging Lies I’ve Ever Heard, “Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones, But Names Will Never Hurt Me.” - Find out the real power of names and labels in this eye opening chapter. Words can penetrate any human heart and do more damage than you might think, but when you combine that with names or labels it becomes a powerhouse of damage. Find out the barriers that labels or names created in your life. It may surprise you to discover that the label or name spoken to you have created barriers unknowingly or damaged your heart.

Chapter 7: 

Memories - They Work “For you” or “Against You.” - You can use memories to tap into good feelings and assist with the healing process from a painful past and create a brighter future. Your memories have been used against you to keep traumas or pains in motion for years, but now you'll find out how to stop it or make good memories work in your favour.

Chapter 8: 

Confessing - carrying thoughts and emotions like a secret can act as a barrier because they weigh heavy on the mind. The conscious tends to hold them forever and can be triggered at the drop of a hat with just about anything. Confessing it and letting it go can relieve you of the tension it creates.

Chapter 9: 

Forgiveness - Forgiveness will be a bridge for emotional, mental and spiritual healing from traumatic events. It allows you to release bitterness and be free from the past. Forgiveness, either toward yourself or others opens makes room for better things in your life because you freed up space in the heart where love and peace can grow.

Chapter 10: 

Communication - Effective communication allows you to be understood, to understand others and it helps develop you as a compassionate leader. Holding in your thoughts or feelings will work against you and is unhealthy for your body. Effective communication is critical to building any relationship. You'll discover areas of your life where communication or the lack of it has created a barrier in your life and held you back in the area of finances, relationships and careers.

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