Chapter 16-20

Chapter 16: 

Traumas Happen to the Body Too - physical traumas can cause emotional and spiritual traumas as well. Just like your emotions can act like signals that something is wrong inside, your body can act as a signal that something is not right. Pay attention to your body because it's trying to speak to you. Headaches, high blood pressure, weight control all point to something hidden within and sometimes there is an emotional, mental or spiritual connection. A loss of body function or limb can have severe effects on your inner world as well.

Chapter 17: 

Relationships - The Trust Factor - Trust hinges on many things, if trust is missing or broken in any type of relationship it can create a trauma that affects your entire life deeper than you think. Trust runs wide and deep in all types of relationships. A relationship exists between you and money, and you and people. You'll be surprised how money plays a role in trust in your relationship.

Chapter 18: 

Money, Money, Money - Money traumas affect your quality of life and how your manage your finances.  A variety of emotions are felt from lack of money, poverty or loss of wealth. Opportunities are missed because of barriers that have been hidden for years. Often times money barriers begin at a very young age without you knowing it. It can come in the form of a belief system or influences that you trusted in your life. This chapter is a such a deep topic and is only the tip of the iceberg. A second book was written dedicated to finances only.

Chapter 19: 

Athletic Performance or Physical Fitness affected by Traumas - Your body responds to traumas differently and it can show up in your fitness or lack of it. Every person has a fight within them, often times the inner champion stops fighting from painful events which translates into losing that competitive edge, ultimately reflected in your physical health or athletic performance.

Chapter 20: 

What You Can Imagine, You Can Accomplish - You're built to live with purpose and to strive to reach for a goal and purpose. Your imagination will help you find that purpose. The problem comes in when your imagination has been unknowingly used against you. All amazing goods and services began in the mind because of imagination. Traumas use imagination to keep you at bay. It's time to turn it around for your benefit to achieve great things.

Another app that will be helpful to you, so that you can get your finances under control. It makes it easy to manage money, when you have something right in front of you that you can work with, so that you can create a plan to get ahead.

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Another app that might be helpful to you to manage your finances created by Dave Ramsey that mimics the envelope system. It's easy to use, especially for beginners. 

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