Chapter 11-15

Chapter 11: 

Renewing the Mind. Creating New Mental Patterns - You can stop negative thinking that has kept you in a bad place, but you have to find out why it started or where it gets its power from. The danger in mental patterns is that you have grown accustomed to them and because they have been with you most of your life you don't even notice them or you think they are normal. You'll develop new thinking patterns after you have found the root cause of old thinking patterns and interrupt them.

Chapter 12: 

Time with Others is Precious - Learn to enjoy and live in the moment because the people you love add to the quality of your life. You can't get those moments back once they are gone. You'll discover and appreciate precious moments that have changed your life so that you can learn to live in the moment and create lasting precious memories for yourself. This will alter your future in a positive way and it has a way to attract people to you.

Chapter 13: 

Power in the Words we Speak - Find out the real power of words in this eye opening chapter. Words can penetrate any human heart and do more damage than you might think. You'll discover hidden barriers that may have been established by the words you spoke of yourself, or by others in your past. It may be surprised to discover that certain words unknowingly damaged your heart in a way you could not have imagined.

Chapter 14: 

It’s not Always them, it Might be from Inside You - There are certain cases and situations where you may have to admit that it's not the other person's fault for your own personal reactions, and when you admit it, that will be the moment you begin to see the inner barrier more clearly. Pay attention to your emotional responses to your external world and ask yourself, "why did I respond that way?" This is the key to finding hidden things in your heart.

Chapter 15: 

Grief, Loss, and Life-Altering Events - Learn to process these painful events properly. Holding anything back - mentally, emotionally or spiritually can delay the healing process. Taking the time to process great loss in your life through grieving will set in motion a welcomed recovery and heal the heart from life altering events.

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