Chapter 1-4

Chapter 1: 

Your Emotions are Signals that Something is Happening Inside - The benefits of emotions that are healed, they help you see the inner barriers that hold you back. Pay attention to your emotions because they will provide insight into an areas of your life that perhaps you should pay attention to. This is the key to overcoming barriers.

Chapter 2: 

We are all Subject to Our Past, the Present, and the Future - Learn to live in the "Now," so you are not stuck in the past or worry about the future. Traumas and painful events can influence your decisions, behaviours and emotions. They invade your well being over the span of time and sometimes you aren't even aware of it.

Chapter 3: 

Breaking the Mental and Emotional Loops - Spiral thinking up or down can be addressed effectively, you just have to know how it happens. Find out what a loop is and practise self-awareness so that you break the loops. We'll all grown accustomed to them and that is what makes loops dangerous.

Chapter 4: 

“Time Heals all Wounds”- Not true! Addressing Them and Releasing Them Will Allow Time to Heal the Wound. - There is a reason doctors and nurses dress and care for a wound for days or weeks, it's because it needs to heal properly over time. Leaving a wound open or not dressing it leads to complications. Mental, emotional and spiritual wounds require attention as well. Don't let time do the healing. Find out why this is critical information that will set you free.

Video Resource - a comical perspective on the difference between a woman's brain and how they think, and a man's brain and how they think.

One of the most effective resources for meditation, and an excellent explanation on how to understand and take control of your thoughts and emotions.

Below the video you can click the link to go to the website.

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