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Breaking inner barriers

Book Series

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At Breaking Inner Barriers we understand you've experienced a life changing event. You may have experienced a trauma in your life and it has changed your world. You suffer from inner pain - mental, emotional and spiritual and you want someone to understand what you are going through and help you move forward. This is, "Your First Step" to "Breaking Inner Barriers."


This site is in development to prepare it for full time staff that includes certified specialists and chaplains with a graduate degree experienced in trauma and spiritual care.


Do you need someone to talk to? You are not alone and we are here for you. Let's chat.

Future Books

Tentative Titles:

  • Finding the Inner Champion

  • Relationships - From Loss to Fulfilment

Finding the Inner Champion and uncovering the buried warrior is about becoming a high achiever. Champions and Warriors can lose their fight when they are wounded. This book will help heal those wounds and rivive the fighting spirit.

Relationships - From Loss to Fulfilment is about healing from broken relationships, grief recovery of lost family or relationships and broken trust. In the end, your healing will prepare you for more fulfilling relationships that build you up and bring greater joy to your life.

Books available

Read a free sample of the book by clicking on the "Preview" link below.

Book #1

"Breaking Inner Barriers: Your First Step" at Amazon and Smashwords.

Book #2

"Breaking Inner Barriers: Finding Financial Freedom" at Amazon.


more support - grief - self-reflection - relationship - Money

Are you ready to break inner barriers? Ready to face your deepest emotions, the one's that hold you back from living life to the fullest? Don't face them alone. We'll hel...
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Free Support
What's New?

Because we are building this together, we are adding content regularly. Please check back often to find out what's new. Here's what we are working on:


  1. Breaking Inner Barriers App - it comes with stories that you can listen to while shopping to help work through social anxiety. The Beta version will be available for download soon. As soon as it is, we'll provide a link.

  2. You can support the development of this website with donations on our gofundme account.

  3. Adding links to additional resources to help work through finances, for meditation support, and music to help relax or refocus.

  4. Look for music created by various artists that will help to sooth the soul. Try sample music on the player below or go to Spotify of artists we support at this link: